Now Rev 2 of the PCBs is in the works at JLCPCB

Edited footprint to extend pads

I now have the updated the MLX refit board and uploaded the Gerber files to JLCPCB.  I changed the SOT23-8 footprint with the correct SOIC-8 one ab=nd adjusted the traces after some errors from KiCAD.  That was the easy part.   Now I’m adding the finishing touches to the 1-wire counter board after modifying the TSOC-6 J-lead package to extend the length of the pads for hand-soldering.  The previous footprint size seemed too small to do this manually.  DS2423 (and DS2401) has a J-lead package like the below on the left. 

Wrong IC footprint

The right image of the 1-to-1 size color PDF shows that the DS2423 doesn’t fit the footprint (SOT-23-6) I assigned to the board.  The image below left shows the extended pads which hopefully should be easier to solder by hand.

Both of the revamped boards should be coming pretty soon. 

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