DS248X 1-wire Master Library

DS248X 1-wire Master library for Arduino and ESP8266

This is a library for the Maxim/Dallas DS2482, DS2483, DS2484 “1-Wire master” line of devices for the ESP8266 and Arduino microcontrollers (although I couldn’t test for Arduino but SHOULD be OK). It’s based on other C++libraries I’ve found, notably the ones from PaeaeTech and Cybergibbon’s versions. The problem with those was that the 1-Wire search function was busted (more on that later), hence I’ve released my version https://github.com/seattlebiker/DS248X-1Wire-Master-Library on GitHub along with kudos to the other authors, just please don’t laugh too hard at my coding (and Git) skills.  If you have suggestions, I’d welcome them.