I originally named this site “UNIXWizardry” because, well, I’m still a UNIX geek, having been a UNIX Systems Admin for many years in the past.  I’ve been using UNIX and its variants (Solaris, BSD UNIX, Dynix/ptx, etc, etc.) for decades; and now mostly various flavors of Ubuntu Linux.   Being used to the UNIX (and Linux) command line, it’s great to be able to use an app like “Git Bash” when I want to use regular expressions to, say, find a file quickly.  Windows “find” is lacking, I think.

My interests have changed quite a bit since then; I’m now into the Internet of Things, firmware programming (mostly on Espressif devices), and home automation (having always been an electronics geek).  It’s amazing that many of the IoT devices run some flavor of Linux, so my background as a sysadmin has come in handy!  

The purpose of this site then is to basically document my firmware IoT projects (and some history) and share this information.  Many thanks to my friend Greg Walton for his help in setting up this website.