I originally named this site “UNIXWizardry” because, well, I’m still a UNIX geek, having been a UNIX Systems Admin for many years in the past.  I’ve been using UNIX and its variants (Solaris, BSD UNIX, Dynix/ptx, etc, etc.) for decades; and now mostly various flavors of Ubuntu Linux.   I got started using Linux with the Slackware distribution shortly after Linus released the kernel on the Internet, when, if you wanted an “app” you compiled it!   It’s hard to believe that Linux has now been around now for over 25 years and is now embraced by Fortune 500 companies!

My interests have changed somewhat; I’m now into the Internet of Things and Home Automation (having always been an electronics geek), and it’s amazing that many of the IoT devices run some flavor of Linux.  Raspberry Pi’s run Debian, Intel Edison runs Yockto or ubiLinux, and so on.

The site is a work in progress.  Many thanks to my friend Greg Walton for his help in setting this website up.