Maybe I should have checked the IC pads :-(

Well, I blew it…again.  This time with the IC footprint for the latest boards I received from JLCPCB, the 1-wire counter board for the rain gauge.  I should have double checked the footprints before I sent it off for fabrication.  Nuts.  I guess I was careless picking a 6-pad footprint for the DS2423 counter chip.  I used the SOT-23-6 Digikey footprint instead of a TSOC-6 one.  I guess because I ordered these from Digikey long ago?  I dunno.  Good thing it’s only $2 for 5 boards, but it’s another setback.   So on the left is a DS2423 positioned on the new footprint.  I exported a color PDF of the board so I could test the fit.  This works pretty well, to export a PDF, which is pretty much actual size.

This next comparison shows a much better size footprint (SOIC-8) than I originally chose to use, fortunately, as a double check before I (again) send off the gerber and drill files <sigh>.    And it appears there’s SO many SOIC-style footprints to choose from, which I think makes it kind of confusing.  Especially for me, a Kicad EDA newbie, apparently.

This next pic shows the centering of the angle sensor using the mounting plate that held the original “precision” potentiometer .  I won’t be using this plate – this is only a check.  It looks good, but I may need to tweak the position some since there is a sweet spot with this chip.  And I might have to maybe edit the TSOC-6 footprint for the rain gauge counter board (above) since I’m hand soldering these things.  But so far this looks promising. 

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