Reworked PCBs arrived from JLCPCB!

Just received the re-worked PCBs from JLCPCB and the replaced IC pads look like they will work a lot better. 

While I was waiting for the PCB’s, I ordered a newer temperature-controlled soldering station to replace my 50 year old Weller one (I think I used it to build my old Heathkit AR15 stereo receiver!) and an LED lighted magnifying headband  (from YoctoSun) so I can see what I’m doing with these tiny SMT parts!  I haven’t soldered SMDs before so I’m anxious to try out the new tools.  Speaking of tiny SMT components, I thought, I’d post this comparison. 

Right next to Lincoln’s beard on this penny is a 0603-size 10nF SMT capacitor.  I will post more about how these boards worked out but right now I’m having logic issues as far as timing for the getWindSpeed() function in my weather station code. 

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