Guess I still need SMT soldering practice :-(

PCB before resoldering the pins

Apparently, I need to practice more on my SMT soldering skills.  I connected up the new angle sensor PCB to the weather station I’ve breadboarded and I got a return code of -1 from the angle sensor function, which means no sensor was found. 🙁  The +5 and GND connections were fine to the MLX90316 chip, so it WAS drawing 12.8 mA of current. BUT, pins 3 and 4 (SS and SCLK, respectively) weren’t making a connection, and after closer inspection (using my YOCTOSUN LED magnifier) they were not indeed soldered to the pads.  Dang.  Well, I fixed that using my YIHUA 939D+ Digital soldering station I recently got.  And I fixed what looked like a cold solder joint in the GND side of C2.  Both the soldering station and the LED headband magnifier are the best investments I’ve made lately.  As a sidenote, I saw reviews of the YIHUA 939D+ on Amazon and some users were saying that it quit on them after a month or so…hopefully mine is OK because so far it works great!  And frankly I don’t know what I do without the LED headband magnifier because holding a magnifying glass and trying to solder at the same time JUST DOESN’T WORK!

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