Experimenting with Node-RED

I’m using Pete Scargill’s super timer node Big Timer on my Intel Edison and a Raspberry Pi W to experiment with Node-Red and developing a Dusk-Dawn timer.   My wife is always mentioning that our low-voltage outside lights along the sidewalk to our front door always need to be adjusted because of Daylight Savings Time and the seasonal time changes.   On my breadboard to test my idea (see the “Home Automation” under “Projects”) I’m using MQTT, and the Node-RED instance on the Edison “publishes” a topic and the Raspberry Pi W “subscribes” to that topic and turns a relay on or off depending on the MQTT message from the Edison.

For the “final” version I want to replace the RpiW with an ITEAD “inching” relay  that uses an ESP8285  since I got a couple of these little buggers for about $6 apiece!   I was inspired by this article but haven’t as yet programmed one…still researching programming an ESP8266.  I’ve found a lot of sites with very cool projects using the device, but NONE really describes the programming.  <sigh>

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